As Sigma Lambda Beta embarks on celebrating its 30th year of existence, The Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation (SLBEF) is proud and excited to kick-off our newest fundraising campaign. In the spirit of our beloved fraternity’s anniversary, we are challenging our brotherhood to commit to donating at least thirty thousand dollars in new contributions by the end of the year.

As a part of this fundraising campaign, the SLBEF will be partnering with brothers from around the country and the SLB 30th anniversary planning committee to host events across the country. Here is a current list of the events scheduled (we will add information as it becomes available):

30 for 30 Campaign FAQs

Why is $30,000 your goal?
Certainly SLB's 30th anniversary had something to do with it. While you may think the goal seems lofty… the fraternity has around 10,000 living members, so that means $3 per member per year we would meet that goal. Sounds easy right?

How would the SLBEF prefer I contribute?
Thanks for asking! You can contribute online using the "Contribute Now" link above or by logging in to your member profile, and adding your contribution amount to the "$30K for 30Yrs" fund. Ideally, brothers would set up a recurring contribution so that they have a bigger impact over a longer period of time. Your recurring gift will continue until you ask us to stop. Did you know that if you start giving $20 a month when you are 25, and do it until you retire at 65, you will have given the foundation nearly $10,000 in your lifetime! LB!

Are my gifts tax deductible?
Absolutely. We are a 501(c)3 organization and gifts to the foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. If you want to know how your gifts will impact your taxes we do recommend you consult a tax attorney.

How will the contributions be used?
These contributions will be directed to the General Fund of the SLBEF. That fund supports our grant allocations as well as our expenses as an entity. Yes small expenses like database fees and administrative expenses are a part of that, but more importantly regional grants come from that account. Our regional grants are one of our most successful programs! To date the SLBEF has provided over 50 grants totaling over $18,000 to chapters and entities of SLB!

Why do only new gifts count?
Our goal is to bring $30,000 NEW dollars into the foundation. We have built a solid foundation of dollars already, so we want to create a new exciting way to get new donors involved, or get current donors to increase their gifts either annually or for this one time event.

How do you count pledged gifts?
We will count all new contributions made toward the campaign this year. So if you start $20 monthly in January that means $240 for the year.

Can I write a check?
If you rather not pay online we can accept a check no problem! We do ask that you go online and login to your profile and record your contribution by selecting "Mail-in Contribution" as the Payment Methond. Checks should be made payable to "SLB Education Foundation".

Can I give at an event?
Yes, the plan is to host one event per region of the country under the 30 for 30 Campaign. See above for information about the upcoming events. We will celebrate our 30th at BetaCon in Dallas where we will be hosting our biggest reception. We hope to see you there!

Are you hiring a consultant or company to run this campaign?
NO. We have hired a couple of our best undergraduates to help with the calling campaign. This is a Beta Campaign, Run by Betas, to benefit Betas. Your Foundation Board of Trustees are great stewards of your donation and have extremely low administrative expenses, we put your money to work for our fraternity.