SLBEF Endowment Funds

Contributions to the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation must be aligned to one or more of our fund programs:
  • General Education Foundation Fund (GEFF): This fund is used to provide grants as well as for the operational costs of the SLBEF.

  • Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship Fund (OfW): This fund is used to fund the Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship that is given on an annual basis.

  • Leadership Institute Fund for Tomorrow (LIFT): This fund is used to partially offset the cost of the Sigma Lambda Beta Leadership Institute, which is held every other year and provides educational opportunities to the SLB brotherhood.

  • Entity Specific Fund Program (ESF): This is a group of funds that are created by recognized entities of Sigma Lambda Beta. These funds allow those entities to raise funds for the specific education-based programs that they would like to fund. To learn more about how to create an Entity Specific Fund - please email us at