Upsilon Beta
Univ. of Northern Colorado 9th Annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference

Program Description: 

On April 8, 2010, the Upsilon Beta Chapter hosted roughly 230 eighth grade Latino students throughout Weld County (our county). We put them through four different workshops that tied to Latino culture, self-esteem, career paths, and education. Our keynote this year was a slam poet named Joaquin Zhuatanejo, who is the world slam poet champion. If you're curious, you can youtube him and find some very interesting videos of his poems. 

Below is the type of workshops we have for the students along with our keynote speaker:
  • Latino Culture Workshop - Held by Dr. Roberto Cordova (Former Univ. of N. Colorado professor). Dr. Cordova spoke to the children about how beautiful our Mexican culture is and that it's nothing to be ashamed of. We should be proud of who we are and where we come from. He inspired the students to maintain their cultural pride, because if we lose grasp of it we'll lose it forever.
  • Self - Esteem Workshop - Held by Juan Carreon (Don Juan)for the fifth straight year in a row, Juan has done our self-esteem workshop. Every year that he's been a part of our conference, he has received the highest rating of all our workshops. He relates with students who are involved in gangs, poor grades, and lacking respect. The students really understand what he's gone through in his life and shows the students the importance of pursuing a higher education.
  • Career Path Workshop - Brian O'ruba (Univ. of N. Colorado student engagement representative) This was the first year we had Brian in charge of our career path workshop. He was a great addition to our conference. Just like Juan Carreon, Brian received high ratings from the students. Therefore, Brian will be attending our conference again next April. Brian helps students realize career paths are important and that they can change throughout their years as an adult. He uses his life experiences and does a great job entertaining and keeping the students' attention.
  • Educational Workshop - Beta Jeopardy (Alumni brothers run this workshop)For the last 8 years we have had our educational workshop a part of our conference. Every year we have improved it by making it a fun learning environment for the students and so they learn the importance of higher education. Even though these students are young, we do what we can as educated Latino to instill them with skills they need to succeed.
  • Keynote Speaker - Joaquin Zhuatanejo. This year we had the world slam poet champion attend our conference as our keynote speaker. It was different than what we would normally have for a keynote speaker. Regardless of the change, Joaquin did a wonderful job keeping the students engaged and entertained with his poems that he shared with us. All of his poems were motivating and powerful. Students rated Joaquin highly for his poems and inspiration that will lead the students into a more positive direction in their lives.
Thank you to the Foundation and its contributors for helping to sponsor this event!!

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