Omega Gamma
University of Southern California "Purple Goes Green"

In speaking with the USC Environmental Health & Safety Department, we found that the most wasteful energy consumption and recycling practices are in the residential halls. A point-based competition was set up to reflect each residential hall's electricity and emission reduction conservation, gas emissions, and amount of electronic recycling. These points are based off: 

(a)   kWh and emissions data collected through new USC energy dashboards that our Brothers have special access to through the USC Department of Environmental Health and Safety

(b)  Building participation in our Educational Events (see 1.3)

(c)   Building participation in our Advocacy Initiatives (see 1.4) 

The competition will culminate on Earth week and the winners will be announced at the "Green" Fashion Show sponsored by another student organization in partnership with the USC Office of Sustainability. The residents of the winning building will have the chance to win a prize to be collected at the event: an eco-friendly water bottle (i.e. KLEAN KANTEEEN©) for everyone and we are currently looking into other prize sponsorships as well. Based on previous experiences, these incentives are ESSENTIAL to any type of widespread educational campaign to ensure successful rates of participation.

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