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Alumni Development Session

In this workshop we will be utilizing StrengthsQuest Assessment to learn about individual strengths that can positively influence the direction of the organization. The following statement best describes why utilizing the StrengthsQuest Assessment will help strengthen out chapter: (This is statement was taken from the StrengthsQuest website http://www.strengthsquest.com/content/141395/Student-Organizations.aspx )


Student Organizations

Strengths-based organizations celebrate and honor each person's talents -- and leverage them to build a better, more complete group.

How strong is your student organization? How effective is its leadership team?

The best teams get the job done by intentionally using each member's strengths. StrengthsQuest supports student organizations to reach greater success by helping them create a team dynamic that welcomes, values, and leverages each member's talents.

StrengthsQuest offers a valuable tool to support student organization leaders in facilitating discussions about team strengths -- the Team Talent Map.

To create a Team Talent Map, ask each member of your team take StrengthsQuest and send you their top five talent themes. After you receive each member's top five talents, follow the link to create a Team Talent Map.


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