Psi Alpha
Las Posadas Event

On December 6, 2013, at 6:30 p.m., Sigma Lambda Beta Int'l Fraternity Inc - Psi Alpha Chapter at Santa Clara University (SCU) hosted their 13th annual 'Las Posadas' event; celebrating the travels that Mary and Joseph endured to find safety for the birth of baby Jesus. The event was held in the John F. Kennedy Mall on the SCU campus. As guests began to make themselves into the venue, they were received by traditional Mexican Christmas decorations such as papel picado, poinsettias and lights. Along with that, guests were welcome to free pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) and hot chocolate. Once the majority of the guests settled and sat down, brother Joshua Menchaca warmly introduced the fraternity along with our co-hosts, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and began the 'Posada' presentation that had been prepared. The purpose of the presentation was to allow the greater Santa Clara community to become knowledgeable of the cultural Christmas traditions that take place in Latin America. Additionally, the presentation also consisted of a synopsis of the traditional re-enactment. This communication allowed for a more fluid transition into the next set of events that would follow.

            Once the presentation was over, the guests were instructed to collect the designated Christmas songs that were placed at the entrance of the building. As candles and sparklers were distributed, brother Luis Flores gave a brief overview of the various locations where we would stop and sing. The re-enacted journey of 'Las Posadas' began at the steps of the James E. Walsh Residence Hall. Once there, members of the fraternity acted as home keepers that would reject Mary and Joseph along their passage. There were a variety of songs that would be song at the specific stops and along the way. Overall, there was a total of 6 stops; the final one being back at the John F. Kennedy Mall. The guests were welcomed back to a re-furnished room that included dishes such as Tamales and Enchiladas. Along with that, there was joyous holiday music with an accompanying piñata. Although we expected a higher attendance of children, Santa Clara students happily enjoyed breaking the piñata. The event concluded with a final thank you given by brother Josh Menchaca. We believe this event to be one of the more successful Posada events we have hosted in the past couple of years and thank the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation for allowing the resources to make this event happen. Along with that we would specifically like to thank our chapter brother/alumni Jose 'Yolotl' Cabrales for guiding us through this process.


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