2009 Fall Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Brother Jesus Garcia

Dear Sigma Lambda Beta Educational Foundation Donors, 

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the Sigma Lambda Beta EducationFoundation Donors for their kind support. It is truly an honor to be recipient of the Fall 2009 SLB Education Foundation scholarship. 

The SLB Educational Foundation promotes the advancement of our beloved fraternity and the development of leaders by reducing financial burdens that we as college students have. By supporting and acknowledging brothers for their actions, you are not only helping brothers succeed through college but you are also allowing them to step forward and take on more responsibilities in our campuses and communities. This scholarship shows your commitment to a legacy of excellence in our fraternity and your promotion of the principle of scholarship that our fraternity upholds. 

Being recipient of this scholarship means a lot to me. It serves as a motivation for me to keep working hard to reach my goals. At the same time, it also means a responsibility for me to represent the ideals of Sigma Lambda Beta and to be a role model for my brothers and the people around me. 

Thank you for investing in me and our beloved fraternity. Your generous gift will get me closer to my goals. 


#40 Jesus "Caballero" Garcia
pHuNkY Phi Chapter
Kansas State University

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