2010 Spring Opportunity for Wisdom
Scholarship Recipient Brother Martin Rivera-Salas

Dear Sigma Lambda Education Foundation Donors, 

It is an honor to be the recipient of the 2010 SLBEF Spring Scholarship. I would like to express my appreciation to the donors that have sponsored once again another opportunity for brothers to continue to develop academically and succeed professionally. I am humbled by your support. This scholarship provides me with motivation to continue learning, bettering our fraternity, and providing for our brothers. 

I am currently majoring in Nursing. As an immigrant student that cannot receive any federal or state aid this scholarship provides me with financial assistance to help to me pay some educational expenses. It is the continued support of brothers donating to the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation that help move this fraternity forward. By investing in members of our fraternity we can directly reap the benefits in growing the number graduated Sigma Lambda Beta men in our community. 

Thank you for the encouragement and financial support of the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation. Donors and supporters of this foundation, my sincerest gratitude goes to you for continuing to support this fraternity and its members. 

#25 Martin "Combatiente" Rivera
Aristocratic Alpha Gamma Chapter
Grand Valley State University

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