2006 Fall Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Brother Tyler Huston

Dear Sigma Lambda Beta Educational Foundation Donors: 

Receiving this scholarship has been quite a prestigious honor for me, especially being such a new member. Within a short period of time after crossing, my chapter, Rho Alpha, elected me to represent them at National Convention 2006. During that time the brotherhood of this wonderful organization instilled me with a sense of duty to bring back to my chapter and the community as a whole, which had already given me so much. 

The Educational Foundation is an integral part in this development with the donors being the foundation itself. The sacrifice made by these Brothers portrays true brotherhood and a willingness to give future generations an opportunity to improve Sigma Lambda Beta nationally. 

Personally, through this scholarship, I will be able to concentrate more on my studies and helping my chapter grow on campus. Putting on cultural seminars, working on public relations, my internship, my ability to complete community service and my duties as Vice President will be greatly assisted with this money. 

Most importantly, I would like to humbly thank the donors to this great Educational Foundation, and will make their contributions worthwhile. 


#74 Tyler 'Ideal' Huston
Vice-President Internal 
Rho Alpha Chapter
Florida State University

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