2006 Spring Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Brother Elton Sanchez

Dear Sigma Lambda Beta Educational Foundation Donors, 

It is an honor and a privilege to receive the recognition and responsibility of the Educational Foundation Scholarship. Your desire to grant a scholarship to a deserving member demonstrates your endorsement of the principle of scholarship that Sigma Lambda Beta strives to uphold. The progress and growth that Sigma Lambda Beta has made in the past twenty years owes itself largely to the achievements and efforts of our members. These achievements and efforts, particularly academic ones, facilitate the reputability of our organization, a credit to the founders and those who contributed in the early stages in achieving this. I am grateful for receiving such a distinction as a brother, and hope that it will set an example for other brothers and future brothers to promote to the fullest the advancement and potential of intellectual excellence. 

Thank you for your support of educational pursuits and the efforts you have made during your years as a students and as alumni in order to make this possible. As a first generation college student and a son of rural Mexican immigrant parents, I humbly appreciate this honor, as it has given my family a sense of pride and joy to have a member receive such an honor. My efforts in the pursuit of my educational goals now seem more worthwhile and brighter with an organization as renown as Sigma Lambda Beta supporting them. Thank you so much for the contributions and sacrifices you made for the benefit of my education, the joy that I feel from receiving this award goes beyond what this letter can say. You gentlemen show a great deal of wisdom through this, wisdom that we must pass on to future brothers so that we can continue use our knowledge to serve our people. 


#51 Elton "Misterioso" Sanchez
Sigma Beta Chapter
Texas State University-San Marcos

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