2005 Intern

Vini Alvarez, from Loyala Marymount University, served as our 2005 intern. In this role he became better acquainted with how non-profit organizations work, and specifically how our Board of Trustees continues to learn and understand how to best run this type of organization. 

Vini was charged with helping the SLBEF do research to learn more about our alumni. As such he spent much of his time contacting alumni and gathering demographic information about them. His experience doing research and with database design came in handy, and because of his work the SLBEF was able to exceed by a large number our goal to increase alumni member profiles by 250. In addition, Vini also participated in all Board of Trustee meetings and joined us in our 2005 face-to-face meeting at the SLB Convention in Indianapolis. 

We have appreciated working with Vini and are thankful for the benefits he provided to the SLBEF. We also believe the experience was worthwhile for him and something he can use to benefit his continued education and post-college career.

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