2017 Opportunity For Wisdom
Scholarship Recipient Bro. Alvaro Gamboa

2017 Opportunity For Wisdom Scholarship Recipient
Brother Alvaro Gamboa

The Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation is proud to announce Brother Alvaro Gamboa from the Chi Chapter at Pace University - NYC Campus as the recipient of the 2017 Opportunity for Wisdom scholarship. Brother Alvaro will be able to apply this $1000 scholarship towards his college expenses. Please read his 'Thank You' letter below, and view his thank you video.

To The Brothers of the Most Honorable,

It is a humbling honor to be named the 2017 Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship Recipient. This award could not have come at any better time. I appreciate every cent. 

Being a first generation college student & Latino American, I was never taught how to support myself through college and being able to thrive. I was dropped in the deep end, not knowing how to get out, and told to swim. I’ve used every resource possible to make something out of myself. 
The struggle that comes with being the son of immigrants is knowing that you are the product of their hard work. It is now up to me and all of us first generation products of hope and hard work to not let this opportunity to waste. 

Being a Student of Color in a predominantly white institution is a culture shock unlike any other. There were no role models around me that looked, talked, or lived like me. It was up to me to learn how to handle semester’s worth of maximum credit courses, full time work schedules, trying to maintain a social life, and give whatever time I could scrape to my fraternity. 
Today, I can proudly say that I have been on the Dean’s List every semester that I have been a college student and Brother. I have excelled in every area where others thought I couldn’t or didn’t want to reach my potential. I have conquered every fear living in the hands of my Higher Power. No weapon formed against me never prospered. It is not what I went through but HOW I went through it that defines who I am as a college student, a brother of The Most Honorable, and above all else, a man. 
I sincerely, humbly and graciously thank this beloved organization for allowing me the opportunities that I have been given, allowing me to earn my letters as a brother every day, the wisdom that will go with me wherever I go and for the Love of Lambda Beta, which I will have for life. 

In Brotherhood, 

Alvaro Gamboa
President | Chi Chapter
Fall 2015 | UnRuLy Soulo
Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. 

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